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Residing In NC USA
Spouse/Partner Dale Campbell
Occupation Strategic Marketing Consultant; Innkeeper
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University of Alabama grad; traveling Collegiate Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi international Sorority; worked for Cousins Properties Marketing Department in Nashville, Atlanta, Miami and Norfolk; joined Fidelty Mutual Life Insurance in Philadelphia as Director of Marketing for their Real Estate portfolio; returned to Atlanta as a National Marketing Consultant to commercial real estate owners; joined Lenox Square Mall as Marketing Director; joined the Harold Harrill Company to open an Atlanta Design office and lead re-imaging and national sales for their shopping mall Christmas Decor packages; launched Gring Marketing Consultants in 1988 with a nationwide portfolio of 'the best of the best' of commercial real estate owners; met Charleston's Dale Campbell in 1999 on a deserted beach in Northern California and married 7 days later; purchased 7 acres of sacred property in The Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina in 2001 and now rent one of the two adorable cabins (; currently have a screenplay for sale that I co-authored named "A Moment Can Last Forever" -- based on a magical intro of two 40-something year olds on a California beach at sunset.

School Story

Most embarrassing moment: after the senior year announcement of the Azalea Trail Maids at the Mobile County Fair, took a 'Tilt a Whirl' ride with Richard Tyson and promptly threw up all over the two of us the french fries and corn dogs that Susan Kimberl and I had just inhaled. Told my Mom I was horrified and could never return to DHS.

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